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Version 0.5 released!

Happy fun time!

I just released version 0.5 Hamster Climb on the Android Market!

Change log

  • New high scores system with World Wide, National and Weekly lists separated by tilt and touch controls.
  • Fixed a bug where the time could go backwards causing the hamster to appear below it’s previous position.
  • Removed old code for keeping the screen lit while playing with tilt controls that sometimes resulted in crashes.
  • Pressing the back button while playing will now show a “Really Quit?” dialog instead of leaving the game immediately. Pressing “No” will pause the game and let the player resume at any time.
  • The menu button can now be pressed to pause the game.
  • Added credits.
  • Less permissions.
  • Lots of other small fixes.

Please report any bugs you find as a comment to this post, a comment at the “Report problems” page or as a mail to my gmail address “baskus”. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the new high scores system! Try to beat my score (I’m baskus), compete with your friends, be the best in your country or even try to beat the world record!

Have fun! 🙂


New beta version

Hello everyone!

I think everything’s nice and dandy for a release of version 0.5 now! Just to be on the safe side I’m releasing a beta version right here on the blog for anyone to download and test! 🙂

This beta includes the new high scores system I’ve developed especially for Hamster Climb. Please bombard the server with scores! I really need help testing this thing before I can let it out into the wild! 😀


  • The online lists might be reset at any time during the beta testing or just before release of the new version.
  • Local scores saved to the phone might get lost when you install this. The beta will replace any installation of Hamster Climb from the market and will load local scores from old versions but I don’t guarantee that you local scores will survive beta testing.
  • The Last Hour list will be remade into a This Week list when the new version is released on the market.

Download HERE.

If you experience any problems with the beta version please leave a comment to this post. I really need any feedback I can get.

Thanks! 🙂

Beta soon ready and Fan stuff


The beta testing has been successful and the new version will soon be released. I just have some minor things to fix, mostly user interface related.

In the meantime take a look at this Youtube video of a fan made map of Hamster Climb for Little Big Planet!

70 000+ downloads and a beta in testing

Hello again!

Hamster Climb has now been downloaded more than 70 000 times! 😀 Thanks for playing the game! 😀

On another note: the version 0.5 beta is now in testing and will probably be released on the market as version 0.5 soon. 🙂

50 000 downloads!

WOOT! Hamster Climb has now been downloaded over 50 000 times. 🙂 Thanks everyone for playing and I really hope you like it. 🙂

I am of course still developing the game and have a few things coming up. First out is the new high scores system it seems I’ve been talking about for ages now. It WILL come. There’s just a lot of bumps in the road heh. I am a university student after all so I do have my share of things to do. But I try and devote as much of my free time as possible to improving the game. 🙂

High Scores system

The new High Scores system, the biggest thing in the next update, is coming along well. 🙂 It’s going into beta testing in the coming days and after that version 0.5 won’t be far away. 😀

Site updates

I’ve update the About the game site. I edited and added some information and screenshots to make it up to date with the currently released version of the game. 🙂